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Incorporated in 2005: Registered in England and Wales, Company No. 5601773

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Dalton Firth Limited provides web, social media and data management consultancy & software development services.

With a focus on data systems for business, we create software that supports the way you want to work, rather than changing the way you work to fit the software; it's a bit like choosing a shoe that fits.

Even small businesses are handling increasingly large volumes of data. We streamline data handling and publication; saving time, reducing opportunities for error and improving the value of data for you and your customers

We develop software for database and web-based knowledge systems and have extensive experience with MySQL, PHP, C, Objective-C, Unix, Linux and real-time OSs.

Our consultancy covers a range of disciplines from software system design, programme management and lifecycle improvement. We also offer sysadmin services.

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All quotes and prices exclude VAT. We are VAT registered.

It is a proven fact that good quality, well-written software saves time and/or money in the long run1.

1 Source: Winning With Software, Watts S. Humphrey (Addison Wesley, 2002)

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