Our unique approach...

... Stems from a very traditional approach: understanding our customers in order to deliver the best solution to meet their needs.

Our founder and senior consultant is James Firth, an accomplished software industry expert. James has 12 years' experience leading software projects, for both small software houses, and some of the world's largest hi-tech companies.

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James knows software and the internet inside-out, has design & leadership experience on numerous projects, and has made contributions to global communications protocols (TETRA) and has one patent granted to date EP1359778 (sole inventor).

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  • User interface design, including web and E-commerce
  • Database design, interfacing and data management
  • Secure systems design, encryption and authentication
  • All aspects of Internet Protocol from bottom-up
  • Mobile and fixed-line telephony, including VoIP
  • C, C++, Objective C, SQL, LAMP (and much more...)
  • High-availability computing & fault-tolerant system design
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Theme picture: Summer: Kaikoura Sunset/James Firth