Software Lifecycle Services

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Our senior consultant, James Firth, is a specialist in software lifecycle improvement.

If you're in the business of developing software or managing software projects, get expert help and advice from James that will pay for itself many times over.

With a strong business focus, he has leadership experience on many software projects of varying sizes in the telecommunications, military and internet industry sectors.

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Specialist areas (please see this page for more details):
  • Data-driven approaches to software quality management
    Six Sigma and Cost of Poor Quality Metrics
  • Methodology, approaches and audit
    CMM and ISO 9001:2000
  • High-availability and software integrity
    Including SIL and design for five-9s
  • Efficient process in large-scale multi-site development
  • Cost-effective development in smaller organisations
  • Software team organisation and management
  • Iterative, agile cycles - irrespective of organisation size
  • C, Objective-C, IP and embedded software expert

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