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Posted: Tuesday 1st December, 2009

Dalton Firth Limited is proud to host the 2009 Key Stage 2 schools league table viewer for

Our fully-hosted rapid data management solutions are ideally suited for quick-turnaround data presentation in whatever format you need

Clipping from KS2 school league tables summary


The Brief

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  • Simple, easy to use tool to display school league tables
  • Data to be navigable by region then education authority
  • Search by postcode facility
  • Stats feedback: unique visitors, viewing patterns, navigation depth
  • Solution must be hosted and fully-managed by provider
  • All fonts, styles, colours must fit with site style
  • Load-tested at 180,000 page impressions per hour
  • Timescale: 3 working days (4 working days to publication)
  • Data provided 24hrs before publication, however must be able to accommodate changes to input data at any point, even post-publication

Theme picture: Summer: Kaikoura Sunset/James Firth