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We're planning on launching a blog in the near future. As for now, here's a few news stories and links to things we've written elsewhere.

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Picture of James Firth reading a Cuban newspaper in Havana
Cliping from KS2 school league tables summary

Posted: 13th January 2010

Dalton Firth chosen again by We now host all three school league tables from the 2009 school year exclusively for, read more...

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Posted: 11th December 2009

Don't be scared of SELinux! (on the Wiki) What's the first configuration step you take after installing Linux? If it's disable SELinux, then you might want to read this handy primer.

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Picture of James Firth running the 2006 Flora London Marathon

Posted: 1st March 2006

James Firth completes the London Marathon in aid of Childline, read more...

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