SMART - Scheme Metrics And Reporting Tool

Developed for use by our client on Highways Agency projects

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The Problem

Our client holds the contract to maintain highways in several regions in England. Typically each region is worth a turnover of around £100m

Works programmes and budgets need to be finalised prior to the start of each financial year, yet plans often need change throughout the year.

Performance is reported to the Agency monthly against a range of criteria. Budgets are compared to the original and a "working" plan. Divergence between the two plans is tracked, as well as any "at risk" work started before funding is agreed.

Each project is classified against several criteria, and complex rules govern if and when money can be reallocated between each "pot"

Budget and project plans are updated once a month on the Highways Agency systems, but the detail held is insufficient for engineering use, and only a handful of key staff have access.

In 2006, all plans and progress of several hundred concurrent projects were held on spreadsheets and maintained by a small core staff. Reliance on uncontrolled storage and "copy & paste" created numerous opportunities for error.

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