SMART - Scheme Metrics And Reporting Tool

Developed for use by our client on Highways Agency projects

Review and edit

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Consolidate and reconcile

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Report on progress

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Our Solution

Local copies of plans were often obsolete and few staff had access to the master, so we created a local database copy, providing visibility throughout the organisation.

The few planning managers had an intensive job, so we allowed project managers to update their data directly on the local database rather than pass updates verbally or via email.

The planning managers needed to retain control of the overall process, so we implementing a sophisticated tracking function to identify when changes were made, and by whom.

The local database could still get out-of-step with the client's master copy, so we looked carefully at the information flow and defined a process for robust synchronisation with minimal overhead.

Synchronisation now occurs at the start and end of each reporting cycle. SMART tracks discrepancies at each sync, facilitating reconciliation.

All staff can now access a single authoritative view of the latest live progress and plan. Reports are automated. Exceptions are detected automatically. Planning can be delegated without losing control.

See an overview of SMART features on page 3

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