Social Media and your Digital Presence

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For most businesses, a basic website even when fully-optimised for search engines is merely a backstop; the people drawn to your site are likely to be those who set out to find you. Without advertising or promotion your website is unlikely to bring much "passing trade".

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Social Media Tips:

  • Add content regularly
  • Listen and respond
  • Quality of followers much more important than quantity
  • Reach your followers' followers through originality & relevance
  • Consider timing
  • Interact, chat, be informal
  • Feel no-one's listening? Persevere, give it a month at least
  • Search on your subject
  • Twitter: include tags, searchable details eg. place names

While social media could be seen as just another tool in the advertiser's box, we're excited at what we see as a game-changing approach to promoting your business.

Most social media platforms are free to use, but merely signing-up is unlikely to bring you many new customers.

Time and effort is required to build networks and promote your business through social media, and the associated cost of this time in acquiring new customers often is comparable to traditional advertising - sometimes higher.

We provide training and consultancy to make your social media strategy work as a cost-effective means of acquiring new customers, unlocking previously untapped markets and maintaining a good relationship with existing customers.

Social media - hit your perception target

Stay on target with messages delivered through social media

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